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Are you looking for a Patient Attendant for a Home Or Hospital in Ghaziabad, Noida, And Delhi NCR to take care of your patient?

TIWARI HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD. provides a calm demeanor honest and successful male-female patient attendant to your home or hospital at affordable rates to take care of your patient.

Patient Attendant

Patient care attendants or patient attendants meaning is the same. Patient attendants are basically caregivers who take care of a patient unable to care for themselves. The job of a patient attendant involves caring for the elderly, the disabled, or the chronically sick. Patient attendants are trained caregivers and are also certified and undergo on-the-job training to boost their skills and knowledge of the job.

Patient attendants is a broad term for all the different types of caregivers involved in providing care and assistance to the elderly and all those patients who are not able to care for themselves. The term patient attendants includes nursing assistants, nurse�s aides, home health aides, geriatric aides, and hospital attendants.

Patient attendants work with patients either at a healthcare facility or provide in-home patient care, that is travel to a patient�s house and provide care and assistance in their daily life chores

Job Responsibilities Of A Patient Care Attendant

The job responsibilities of a patient caretaker are varied and can range from daily life chores to medical assistance. Some of the common job responsibilities of an attendant for patients are as follows;

1. A patient care attendant Taking vital signs and maintaining their records in the medical chart

2. A patient care attendant Helps with collecting lab specimens.

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