Wound Dressing Services At Home In Noida

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Wound Dressing Services At Home In Noida

If you are looking for a Nurse for Bed Sore Dressing and other wound Dressing. Tiwari Health Care Pvt Ltd provides Nurses for Bed Sore Dressing and other wound Dressing

We have trained male and female nurses who do any type of wound dressing for your patient with ease.  If your patient needs any wound dressing call 9958653920 Tiwari Health Care Pvt Ltd provides a Nursing facility at your home

Wounds can be caused in a number of different ways by a variety of different objects, be they blunt, sharp, or projectile. They are classified into several categories dependent on the cause and resulting injury:

Incised wound � A clean, straight cut caused by a sharp edge (i.e. a knife). Tends to bleed heavily as multiple vessels may be cut directly across. Connecting structures such as ligaments and tendons may also be involved.

Laceration � A messy-looking wound caused by a tearing or crushing force. Doesn�t tend to bleed as much as incised wounds but often causes more damage to surrounding tissues.

Abrasion � A wound caused by a scraping force or friction. Tends not to be very deep but can often contain many foreign bodies such as dirt (i.e. after a fall on the loose ground).

Puncture � A deep wound caused by a sharp, stabbing object (i.e. a nail). May appear small from the outside but may damage deep tissues. Particularly dangerous on the chest, abdomen, or head where major organs are at risk.

Avulsion � A wound caused by a tearing force in which tissue is torn away from its normal position. May bleed profusely depending on the size and location. The tissue is often completely detached.

Amputation � The loss of a distinct body part such as a limb, finger, toe, or ear. Often very severe with profuse bleeding. In the case of limb loss, this is a medical emergency.

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